Wicked Wednesday/Thoughtful Thursday – A SINS Prequel

Sorry to have missed the blog yesterday, but family matters called to me.

I hope you all had a nice day yesterday and also hope you will enjoy this combo day’s offering – a prequel story to SINS OF THE FLESH. The prequel features Mick Carrera and offers some enlightenment on what he does and the kind of man he is beneath his dark and dangerous exterior.

To read the prequel, just click here to download the PDF file!

9 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday/Thoughtful Thursday – A SINS Prequel”

  1. Hi Caridad! Thanks so much for the prequel! I shall be downloading now to read! I’m catching up from being off all weekend. I was lazy reading, love it! You have a fab week!

  2. Ughhh…I will have to go out and buy the book and quit waiting to hopefully win one LOL….it just looksa to interesting to wait 🙂

  3. We missed you but things happen to you can’t help, we understand 😛 The prequel rocks ❗ i can’t wait to get the book ❗

  4. Hope you were able to tend to the family matters yesterday and it wasn’t anything serious. I love the prequel and it calls for more. ha ha susan L.

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