Help Save Borders Express #0426 in Lancaster!

It’s Tuesday and I know you were probably expecting a tip of some kind, but today is going to be a different Tuesday! It’s going to be a “Come on gang, let’s save the school!” kind of Tuesday.

For all my romance readers out there, I’m sure you could appreciate a store such as the Borders Express in Lancaster. Imagine walking into a store and there are not just a few bookshelves in the romance section, but an entire wall! And I’m not talking a small wall either. I’m talking HUGE.

Imagine heading into the J.D. Robb section and finding the IN DEATH series in chronological order. For those of us who read it when we can, what a godsend! No more wondering about which book came in what order.

Or how about a staff that can recommend the latest greatest romance releases as well as help you find that book you heard about, but can’t quite remember the title or the author?

Well, you could have all that if you visited the Borders Express in Lancaster. Unfortunately, this is one of the Borders Express stores slated to be closed shortly. Or maybe not. Maybe there is way that we can all join together and help keep this bastion of romance alive.

So today I’m asking you to reach out to Borders and ask them nicely not to close down this store:

    Borders Express #0426; 828 Park City Center; Lancaster, PA 17601

You can call Borders Customer Service at 800.770.7811 or go to the Borders online customer care center and send them a note about this store. Here’s the link for sending the e-mail:

Or if you prefer to write, send them a note at:

    Borders Customer Service
    PO Box 7002
    LaVergne, TN 37086

I understand there are lots of economic reasons for these closings, believe me I do. But Romance needs bookseller advocates like those in this store and in many other similar stores. We can’t save all of them, but maybe we can save just one.

Thank you all for indulging me with this today. Please note that this blog was not requested or suggested by any of the staff at the store, but based on my own personal decision to attempt to make a difference.

7 thoughts on “Help Save Borders Express #0426 in Lancaster!”

  1. I am a former Waldenbooks employee who lost my job when our store closed in late January. I was there almost 10 years, and the staff was like family, as was our regular customers. There were so many tears, letters, calls, protests, an editorial in the paper, etc. I’m sorry to say nothing helped because Borders Group is closing the Waldenbooks stores as the leases come up, but I applaud your efforts, and I’m sure everybody at that store will appreciate it a lot. The comments and letters from our customers meant the world to us at a very devastating time.

  2. I forgot to add that I work in another store, not the one in Lancaster, but I understand, consequently, your frustration. Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Caridad! I hate to say this but I am an employee who is losing their job in the book store closures. I am soooo upset. We have such a great store, employees and customer base. I will miss it, and them terribly!

  4. I wish we had a Borders here that dedicated that kind of shelf space to romance. And yes, one should buy books at these stores to keep them from closing down. I’ll send an e-mail, Caridad.

  5. Our Waldens seemed to go downhill when Borders took it over. A lot of books I was used to finding are no longer there. It is sad to hear that a good Borders in closing!

  6. I hate when stores like this close. It sounds like it has a lot going for it, especially the staff. You wonder why corporate made the decisions they did.

    Kudos to you Caridad for championing this cause. I’m sure the staff of that Borders will be indebted to you. I hope you reach many Lancaster inhabitants through this post.

  7. Oh, what a pity!
    Perhaps the best way to keep good bookstores from closing is to go there and buy books. The way out of this depression is to spend money…it worked when Ike was president and it will work now.
    Of course, one has to have money to spend….Catch 22.

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