Thoughtful Thursday – Sisters

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve got a new blogging gig over at and this month’s theme at Powerful Latinas is sisters – La Hermana.

We’ve got blood sisters and soul sisters, but as women, sisters play a powerful role in our lives. Take a moment to stop by Powerful Latinas and also visit me there for more on the importance of sisters in our lives. Drop by on November 26th to hear more about sisters, family and a wonderful novel by my friend and fellow author Julia Amanta – EVENINGS AT THE ARGENTINE CLUB. Julia has graciously offered a copy of her book as a giveaway, but remember, that’s on November 26th (and continuing through the Thanksgiving weekend).

Here is a photo of my little sister and me! It was taken in Nicaragua after we had left Cuba and were trying to meet up with my parents in the United States. My poor grandparents were hauling us all around Latin America for quite some time thanks to Castro. My mom had to leave us when my little sister was only six months old. I don’t know how she had the courage to do it. I’m not sure I could have.


This is a picture of my sis and me now (I think she caught up to heightwise, don’t you think? LOL!)


4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Sisters”

  1. What wonderful sister pics. I love my big sis too.

    And I agree, you should write a book about your family stuggles during those hard times.

  2. Your picture of you and your sister looks like me and my olders sister 😆 . We may not always agree with each other all of the time but we are sisters, we are blood. Who do we rely on the most in time of need:?:

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