Thoughtful Thanksgivings!

ThanksgivingWe were having a wonderful discussion on the Dangerous Women Loop (you can click here to join!) about our Thanksgiving traditions and I thought I’d share mine with you and invite you to share yours.

Every Thanksgiving we go to my sister’s house for a wonderful gathering of friends and family. This photo is one I took a few years ago of the beautiful table my sister, Carmen, sets for Thanksgiving. We have a very traditional American meal of turkey with assorted stuffings and side dishes. Actually, two turkeys for this large crowd – one roasted and one fried.

Sis is an amazing cook and we spend the day chatting, sometimes playing board games, going for a walk after dinner if the weather permits and generally just enjoying being together and eating some amazing food. I usually prepare the breads, muffins and some side dishes. You can check the Cook’s Treat section for some of the recipes for that day. My sis’s favorites are the cranberry maple muffins and I always make a double-batch of those!

But Thanksgiving doesn’t end that day! The next day we visit my in-laws where we get to share good talk and good food with the Italian side of the family. My sister-in-law has taken over the reins of preparing the Black Friday meal and she always does a great job. We usually bring some pastries, wine or other goodies to add to the mix.

Through it all, we take the time to be thankful for those things we have in our lives. It’s important to remember that and appreciate how lucky we are to have homes, food, family and friends and the good health and Liberty to share all those things.

How about you? What are your traditions for Thanksgiving.

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thanksgivings!”

  1. 🙂 Each year, we take turns having Thanksgiving at our houses. Everything is usually traditional with the exception of desserts. We always add different desserts to the menu. I love a good Chocolate French Silk Pie ❗
    Yummy ❗

  2. We like to have different desserts available. In addition to the apple and pumpkin pies we might have a cheesecake or Boston Cream pie.

  3. well this year i actually get to say we are going to the In-laws LOL!!! but mostly we stayed home for the holidays cause most of my family are in other states. but we normally have the traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

  4. We have good traditions too. I go to my sister’s home and we talk and eat and just have a grand time of it.

  5. We always went to my aunts for Thanksgiving. Different aunts hosted various holidays and this is the last living aunt. My daughter says it is the only tradition left in our family.

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