Romance in the Back Seat Fun!

Since today is Fun Friday and we’re having downright balmy weather in the sixties here in NYC, I’d thought I give you a little blast from this summer past!

I had a fun time recording these videos with the wonderful website Romance in the Backseat! Just a word of warning – my boobs are really not that big. They just look that big on account of the camera angle. Seriously. LOL!

Enjoy the videos and keep an eye out for some of the great Jersey Shore highlights in the background. We actually filmed these videos in Bradley Beach, where SINS OF THE FLESH is set, as well as in nearby Avon-by-the-Sea.

If you can’t see the videos below, you can also follow these links to the videos:

Hope you all have a fun and fabulous weekend!

4 thoughts on “Romance in the Back Seat Fun!”

  1. You’re so funny ❗ Hasn’t anyone told you never to mention boobs and big in the same sentence unless you really want someone to look? 😯 I’m sorry I just had to say that… 😆

  2. I really like these videos! I have since they first aired on Backseat. I love the background scenes too. Oh and those boobs. You can’t lie, Caridad. The vid tells it like it is, LOL.

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