Guilty Pleasure Monday – Mark Wahlberg

Photograph  © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.comHubby and I were watching THE SHOOTER yesterday and it occurred to me that I had not had sexy Mark Wahlberg as a Guilty Pleasure Monday so here he is with us today! This wonderful shot is courtesy of Glenn Francis at

I’ve seen Mark in a number of movies and have always thought he was very masculine and sexy. One of my favorite movies was INVINCIBLE which was actually a real life tale about bartender-turned-Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale. I loved this movie!

Hope you enjoyed this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure!

3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Mark Wahlberg”

  1. Hey Caridad! I was also watching THE SHOOTER yesterday with the sexy Mark Wahlberg. I’ve seen a couple of is movies as well and thought that he is such good actor and good looking as well. I’ve also seen a movie with Mark’s older brother Donnie Wahlberg in a movie and always thought that Mark was so much better looking though they have such a striking family resemblance.

  2. I’ve seen Mark in a number of movies, also. He’s always very masculine and sexy. His range of emotion has definitely expanded and improved. But thankfully just adds to his sexiness. Good choice!

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