Things for Which I am Thankful

I know it’s Wicked Wednesday, which usually means an excerpt, but I wanted to get a headstart on the Thanksgiving holiday and share those things for which I am thankful. I hope you’ll forgive me this indulgence. Here are those things for which I am thankful:

  • My Family: To my hubby who always makes me laugh and my beautiful daughter who is the light of my heart, I am thankful. I am also thankful for my sister, brother, in-laws and all my nieces, nephews and cousins who bring such joy into my life.
  • Our Military and their families: Thank you for the sacrifices you make so that we can continue to be safe and enjoy the many freedoms which we enjoy.
  • My Friends: Where would you be without friends? I want to thank all of them for always being supportive and I want to thank all of you, my cyber friends, for always visiting and writing.
  • The Liberty States Fiction Writers: After a year of darkness, a bright light emerged. You are that bright light, filled with optimism, good will, diversity and innovation. I thank you for our first wonderful year together and give a big WOO HOO that we’ve reached 150 members in our inaugural year.

Last, but never ever least . . .

  • The United States of America: You opened your doors to me and provided me the opportunity to live the American Dream. You gave me Liberty and allowed me to pursue through hard work those things that have made me happy and which I hope have contributed to the overall good of this Nation. I am forever indebted and thankful.

What about you? What are the things for which you are thankful this Thanksgiving season?

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  1. Love your list Caridad. I’m thankful for my family and friends who have enriched my life. I am thankful for my wonderful grandchildren who have made all things worthwhile. I am thankful for my son getting the kidney from his brother so that we now do not sweat the small stuff and have learned to enjoy each other and each day to the fullest.

  2. Hard to follow a wonderful list like yours but you reminded me of our service men and women – God Bless them and keep them safe in these trying times. And I’ll always be thankful for the wonderful family I have.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Lovely post, Caridad. My list is the same as yours except for the writer’s group. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Caridad, what a great list ❗ I have alot to be thankful for…
    1. My hubby who doesn’t always tell me or show me his love yet has put up with me for almost 25 years, childbirth, pms, surgeries and bitching…there must still be something there.
    2. My five beautiful, interesting, ever changing, loving and giving kids… You are what wakes me up, keeps me going and makes me smile…I love you guys.
    3. My family and friends…they are a wild and crazy bunch. My Mom and Dad both hit 70 this year! I am so thankful for that. My sisters Andrea and Dallas who make me glad I am the middle child. My newphews Eric and Nick. My niece who will be here in April-Ziva Renee, my namesake…I can’t wait to spoil you.
    4. My new grandaughter TuesDae’ who I hope the be able to love and spoil more and more each day.
    5. Health, not so much wealth…but comfy and happiness
    6. Living in a country where I am free…where our men and women fight to give others that same right…where it truly is the home of the brave…My America the Beautiful.
    7. I’m Thankful
    8. for so
    9. much
    10. more…..

  5. Hey there!

    I am thankful that someone besides me knows that you don’t end a sentence/phrase with a preposition! Thank you, thank you, thank you for titling this, “Things for Which I am Thankful” rather than “Things I am Thankful for”! I would bet that over 90% of the population would use the latter title!

    Now that that’s out of the way, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Talk to you later!!!

  6. Awesome words, Caridad. I agree with your list, and add a special thanks for the brilliant medical minds and hands in this day and age who save lives. I was just holding my wonderful grandson Thomas, who just turned a year old. At this time last year, he was just recuping from life saving open heart surgery to correct two congenital defects, and the fear was so great. Today he is healthy and thriving.

    I am so unbelievably grateful for that, and have so much compassion for those who have experienced loss. I’m grateful tat we can share these things with each other, both the good days and the bad days.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, and I feel blessed to have you as a friend.


  7. that is so wonderful Caridad. I’m also grateful to be living in a world where i can come and go as i wish without having to cover my face and body.And for my 3 daughters and loving husband.they are my life and I’m also grateful for everyday that i can call and talk with my mom.and i find it wonderful to find such good friends no matter where they are or who they are. 😆 😛

  8. I’m thankful for all those same things my friend. I’ll add one more. I’m thankful that we have a holiday devoted to gratitude. It keeps us humble.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Thanks for reminding me what Thanksgiving is all about. I’ve had a very tough year, the worst in my life, so it’s been difficult to really be thankful. So,I guess I’m thankful for my health, my family and all my friends, along with all the people who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. And a very special writers group LSFW. What a wonderful group of writers.
    Have a wonderfull Thanksgiving!

  10. Hi Caridad, I agree with your list, country and soldiers, our freedoms and blessings that we take so for granted on a daily basis. I am thankful as well for my husband, his support and willingness to do what needs to be done whether he would prefer to or not. For my children, one of whom I almost lost this year. For my extended family and their acceptance. For my online friends. I am thankful for simply being. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Great things to be thankful for, Caridad. I thought your list was touching too. I think we all echo some of yours as well– family, friends, our country, the soldiers who keep us safe… the list can go on, but you get the picture. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Thanks for the reminders. Too often we take all of the above for granted. After the wild fall we have had with the hospital visits, etc. I am also thankful for the Inernet which enabled me to keep in touch with family and friends AND keep what sanity I still have left!

  13. Gosh, Caridad, you made me tear up with your list. Really great stuff on there and so wonderfully true. Being a military brat, I bleed patriotism and I am always grateful for both the military servicemen and women and being a US citizen. Thank you for reminding us not to take it for granted.
    Beyond that, I’m grateful for my own family who understands my need to write and loves me unconditionally; my health that allows me to get up and work every day and my job. It’s not glamorous or very well paying, but it keeps a roof over my head and food in my belly. That sense of security alone is enough to be thankful for when so many others are in need.

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