Guilty Pleasures Monday – Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley from an NBC Special - Used under Fair Use ProvisionsI was watching TV (yes, I do that a lot) and a commercial came on which had Elvis at the start with a tag line “He Changed Music.”

Well, yes, Elvis changed music and made many a heart go aflutter, but not just with his hips. He was such a handsome man and filled with passion for what he did.

I remember growing up watching Elvis movies on the afternoon movie shows and it didn’t matter how many times I’d seen them, I’d watch them again.

My mom loved Elvis. She really took it hard when he died so suddenly in 1977 especially since he was so young – only 42.

What memories do you have of Elvis? Have you ever been to Graceland? I know that if I go to the RWA National Conference in Tennessee this year, I’m going to see about making the trip there to visit.

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Elvis Presley”

  1. I remember reading Life magazine when they did their first spread on Elvis. So I was old enough to read….
    Howdy Doody had a character on it named Elbow Parsley.
    I think my mother and father secretly liked his music but didn’t let us kids know they did. They were in their thirties by that time. I can remember both of them doing what they called the Lindy Hop, but was really rockin’ out to the music.
    How strange, to be so old at 35.

  2. I can thank my mom for getting me into Elvis. She loves his songs and we used to listen to and watch his movies 🙂 It’s one of my happy memories *bg* I used to practice curling my upper lip like he did… I can still do it, lol.
    He’s one of the reasons I probably got into classic movies at a young age 🙂 They were so much fun to watch 🙂
    I haven’t been to Graceland, but my bf and I would like to make a trip.

  3. I loved Elvis..I was one of the teens who cried when he sang and cried harder when he went into the army..yes..even when we heard he was getting married and it wasn’t to me. ha ha I still have anything I can find on Elvis..placemats, towels, lots of pictures and books. I have gone to Graceland in person and loved every minute. I have all his movies and records even the big old records which I no longer have a player for. I switch cd’s and now going into dvd’s on anything to do with Elvis. I guess you might say I really love the man. susan L.

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