Special Guest Blog with Catherine Bybee

bindingvows_w2739_300I’ve got a slightly different Guilty Pleasures Monday for you today – an interview with my friend and fellow author Catherine Bybee! Catherine writes a number of different paranormal romances that she is going to share with us in a very special way today – via a video guest blog! So sit back and enjoy this interview with Catherine.

If you can’t see the video, you can click here for the Catherine Bybee interview.

For more information on Catherine, you can visit www.catherinebybee.com. Catherine will be popping in during the course of the day, so feel free to leave any questions or comments for her to answer.

13 thoughts on “Special Guest Blog with Catherine Bybee”

  1. What fun – putting the two of you together! Don’t worry, Catherine – my son says I don’t belong on Twitter either 😀

  2. I always love these video blogs. You miss something when you don’t see the expression on the persons face.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and I was very pleased to see the big smile on Catherine’s face.

  3. I enjoyed the video blog. We visiten Kings Canyon-Sequoia this fall and I can imagine the moon and the werewolf there. I also had to chuckle at the ‘bite me’ comment from the time travel book. If we find comments from ‘back then’ confusing, imagine what they think about present day idioms!

  4. Hi Catherine, thanks for visiting. I read mostly paranormal but I also like time travel books. There aren’t a lot of those available so I will definitely look for yours. As Caridad knows, I also like werewolf stories so that is something else to look forward too. I just got back to NC from CA so I understand the weather difference. I am unable to get out from a week-end snow storm. I don’t like that. Anyway I enjoyed your visit. Good luck with your writing. Have a great day.

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