Welcome to the Three Kings Today!

It’s the Epiphany! Little Christmas to some and Los Reyes Magos to Latinos in many countries. Los Reyes (The Three Wise Men/Magi) is celebrated with a variety of festivals and parades as you can see by clicking to view this video of a parade for Los Reyes in Madrid.

Los Reyes bring small gifts and toys much like they would have brought gifts for the baby Jesus. In my house, my parents would leave little gifts near the fireplace and my sister and I would leave carrots and other vegetables for the camels to eat. One year my sister woke up the entire house because she had heard the camels on the rooftop and had seen one of them looking in through the window!

We still keep this tradition in my household and when I get home tonight from work, we’ll open up the little gifts that Los Reyes have brought.

How about you? Do you celebrate the coming of the Three Wise Men? Do you have a special tradition that you do on Christmas Eve or through the 12 Days of Christmas until the Epiphany?


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Three Kings Today!”

  1. Caridad what a wonderful tradition. I have one tradition that I do on 3 Kings Day. I have chalk that was blessed at church and I write this above the doorway you enter into the house.
    20 + C + M + B + 10 and there is a little prayer you say. I had to use the + sign but it’s a cross in between the numbers and letters. Happy Three Kings Day.

  2. Okay, there was a show on one of those cable channels I love so much.
    The Magi were astrologers/astronomers from where Syria is now, and they probably saw a conjunction of Jupiter and our moon which caused a brilliant light in the sky within the constellation Aries. A professor from Rutgers figured out that it was in April of the year…and probably two years after Jesus was born. I love this stuff!
    Now, one brought the Babe something for now, something to see Him through his life, and something for when He died.
    I wonder if His mom remembered to anoint His body with the myrhh (sp) when the body was removed from the cross. It would be like a Mom to remember something like that.

    Happy Three Kings Day, Caridad! Diamonds fit into a small box….

  3. Caridad. your Los Reyes Magos celebration sounds great and I am always ready to hear what others do for the special holidays we have. I know one year a friend of mine gave me a candy bar before Christmas. In her country there is certain days before when you give friends small gifts. I was honored she included me in her celebration and also to know she still holds her traditions close to her heart. susan L.

  4. Your Los Reyes Magos celebration sounds wonderful, Caridad. I love stories about the Three wise Men. Thanks for sharing this.

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