Thoughtful Thursday – Help for Haiti

It’s shocking to watch the news and see the devastation in Haiti. My thoughts go out to these people and their families in this time of grief and loss. If you have the ability to do so, please help by making a donation at any of a number charities who are accepting donations. And if you have the ability to do so, don’t forget our own needy here in the U.S. I know the economy isn’t good and things are tough, but as I see what’s happening, it’s not hard to realize things could be tougher.

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4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Help for Haiti”

  1. I knew you’d have something to say about this disaster. And you are so right. We should help out– and also help those less fortunate then us as well.

    Even though it’s lste evening, I’ll try to visit you at babbling books.

  2. sent in a donation to Doctors Without Borders and am so glad live in Central Texas right now, the economy here is still doing well and hope it gets better for everyone else and our world gets a break from all the natural catastrophes soon!

    Have a good day Caridad…

    jackie b central texas

  3. I was saddened by all I saw.I sent a donation to Red Cross. There is so much sadness all over the world, it breaks my heart.
    I was away yesterday so I didn’t read yesterdays post until this morning. I love this book. How many more chapters are there? Have a great day and hugs to all.

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