Guilty Pleasure Monday – Paul Bettany

This poster first caught my eye at DragonCon many months ago. The actor is Paul Bettany who has been in a number of other movies I enjoyed – A KNIGHT’S TALE and WIMBLEDON. Paul plays the archangel Michael in the movie. Michael has come to Earth to try to prevent the coming of Armageddon by battling a legion of angels that God has sent to Earth.

LEGION will be released on January 22. I’m interested in seeing the movie, although the premise has me wondering about it a bit. A wrathful God wants to destroy Earth?

The film also features cuties Dennis Quaid and Lucas Black (from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS movie.).

If you get to see it, please drop by and let us know what you thought of the movie. For now, here’s a trailer for you to see!

6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Paul Bettany”

  1. Nice to think of a guy with wings…like Pygar in Barbarella (see it!) and now this one. Or John Travolta as Michael…but this guy kicks butt for sure.
    Bad to think of all those nasty flies. I can’t even stand picnics because of bugs….

  2. I am with you on questioning a wrathful God… but as far as entertaining purposes… I think this will be a very good movie.
    Will drop by when I see… Have a great day!

    1. I was a little surprised since the God we’ve been raised with in this generation is a kind and benevolent God. I’m with you though on wanting to see this movie.

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