Steps to Reduce Stress

We’ve had blogs about being resilient and choosing happiness. Seems only right that we talk about something else that seems to be getting to people lately – stress.

I don’t about you, but I know I am stressed. With three full-time jobs (attorney, writer and wife/mom), there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel like I can’t do another thing. But in making a decision to choose happiness, I’ve also realized that I need to get rid of some of my stress.

Seems hard? In reality, there are some simple ways to eliminate stress in your day.

  • 1. Prepare the night before. Whether it’s just packing up your briefcase or making your lunch to take to work, do it the night before. Round up all that you need so that the next morning you are not scurrying around trying to make it all right. If you lay out everything the night before, you’ll leave the house in a much better frame of mind and will be less likely to forget something important.
  • 2. Get up ten minutes earlier. I know, I know. Hard to do. I like to hit that snooze alarm as much as you do. But if you give yourself that extra time, you won’t be as harried. You’ll also be able to give yourself that extra five minutes in that nice hot shower. I don’t know about you, but the shower is my most creative time. Must be all that water washing away the negative ions.
  • 3. Be polite. Smile, say Thank You and Please. Those common civilities go a long way in not only helping you feel better, but in fostering a positive response in the person with whom you are speaking.
  • 4. Take a nap or go to bed a little earlier. More and more studies are showing that lack of sleep is a killer. treat yourself to an afternoon siesta if you can. If you can’t, try getting to sleep a little earlier and get the rest that you need.
  • 5. Read a good book. It’s amazing how relaxed you can get by sitting back for a half an hour or so and reading a novel that pulls you away to another world for a little bit.

Hope these help you reduce your stress levels!

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6 thoughts on “Steps to Reduce Stress”

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  2. I know some extra points to reduce stress which are also helpful to everyone. Following are the tips such as stress exercises, meditation, humor, listening music, positive thinking, take healthy diet, mild physical exercises, relaxed walking or outing, yoga, body massage and breathing exercises, get enough sleep etc.

  3. I like 2,3, and 5! I used to get up a little before the rest of the house (except the cat) and really enjoyed that ‘Me Time’. It helped me get ready for the day.

  4. You forgot, Have a drink and a piece of chocolate. It sometimes amazes me how relaxing just sitting down for a few quiet minutes with a fuzzy navel and a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels can be.

  5. Those are some great things to!! I am trying to go to bed earlier this year. I was staying up way late last year and it was eating away at me slowly. So I am trying… but it is hard.

    The snooze button… Oh you are so right about that one!!!! The sad part is that we all know that would help us if we did get up those 10 minutes earlier, but we all hit that button! I am very bad for that! I am also trying to work on that one as well.

    Another stress reliever… Keep a journal. Write things down. When you are down, write it down. When you are excited, write it down. Pen and paper never felt so good!!!

    And yes… a great book does wonders for the soul!
    Have a great day hon!

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