Mark Valley – Guilty Pleasure Monday

Mark Valley by DGreenleeI’m not normally a fan of blonde men, but please tell me what there isn’t to like about Mark Valley! He’s been catching my eye for years in assorted shows, more recently in FRINGE (one of my favorite shows!). Did you know Mark married Anna Torv, his co-star in 2008?

Mark has a new show — HUMAN TARGET. I haven’t had a chance to catch it, but have it on my list of shows to check out. If you’ve watched the show, please take a moment to share with us if you liked it or not.

This week I’ve got some fun things for you – visits from two friends! Look for Autumn Jordon on January 27th and Misa Ramirez on the 28th!

6 thoughts on “Mark Valley – Guilty Pleasure Monday”

  1. Love Mark Valley. He was great in Fringe. Did not know about him and Anna Torv, but I’m not mad at her for snatching his cute butt up. I watched Human Target and it is too funny! More a guy based show as far as the main characters but it is fun. And while I adore Mark and first decided to watch because of him, his co-star Jackie Earl Haley(can’t remember the name of his character)steals the show. Funny!

  2. I loved him on “Keen Eddie.” It was also a Fox show, but they didn’t give it a chance and canceled it. Sienna Miller was in the show, too.

  3. There is a face from the past..Days was mt soap for the years I raised my kids..I saw the very first show. susan L.

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