7 thoughts on “Wicked Weather Wednesday”

  1. Goodness Gracious! I truly feel for all
    in the country who are bearing the brunt
    of this frigid weather!

    Granddaughter Ashley, who is attending
    college in Indiana, is actually enjoying
    all the snow on campus. We don’t usually
    see snow in Houston, although we have had two snowfalls so far this winter. We are actually having a winter!!!

    Take care and stay warm!

    Pat Cochran

  2. i am reading MOON FEVER with Crazy For The Cat. I enjoy this along with my snuggie and cup of hot coffee. What A Life when I get snowed in. ha ha susan L.

  3. I am joining you being snow bound..I can’t see where my lane is and don’t expect to be out until Thursday. I have no plans to go anywhere as governor has declared no traffic on the roads and a fine of $100. if caught on the road. Not me I am staying put. ha susan L.

  4. ‘The Kid’ had been hoping for snow last week so it would warm up in NYC. Do you think it is warm enough for her now?

  5. 😀 No snow here but overcast and nasty cold rain, earlier had sleet and then just melted and now wet. Stay warm and hope it gets better for all the snow bound people in the country soon. 😀

    jackie b central texas

  6. Hi Caridad! I’m finally back and able to go to all the blogs and websites I want!

    Some snow storm hitting the east. I feel the effects here too. Sorry you’re snowbound, hope you keep your electric!

    Great pics.

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