Guilty Pleasure Monday – Curtis Stone

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Trotz from Atlanta, GA, United StatesWith little on the telly last night, I found myself surfing the channels until I came across the intro to CELEBRITY APPRENTICE and this delicious man snared my attention – Chef Curtis Stone. I had not known of him before and I found myself sucked into watching the entire premiere (and it so sucks that the women lost!)

Anyway, Curtis is an Aussie with that wonderful Aussie accent. Curtis has been a chef at a number of restaurants, made numerous television appearances and is the author of several cookbooks. His latest is Curtis Stone: Recipes to Put You in My Favorite Mood which was released in April 2009.

Don’t you think Curtis would be the perfect Blake? I think there is a strong similarity to the sexy vamp on the cover of FURY CALLS.

8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Curtis Stone”

  1. 😈 This Aussie can ambush me in the market to come cook at my house anytime!!! You are right the resemblance to the cover model and this gorgeous guy is pretty strong, works for me….

    Have a good week!

    Jackie B Central Texas

  2. He would be perfect as anybody especially Blake. I have to agree with Irene, there is a much better sceniaro for that show. Leave hubby out of the picture completely. Works for me (of course I don’t have a hubby anymore). Have a great day and hugs.

  3. He is gorgeous. He also has some show where he ambushes women in supermarkets and goes home with them to make supper for their ungrateful husbands.
    I have a better idea, but nobody listens to me….

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