Fun Friday – A Guest Visit and Freebies!

This Fun Friday we’ve got two things going on! The first is another Tax Day Freebie, but this one runs all the way to May! If you’re near Charlie Brown’s check out their three course special deal via this link.

I had the special dinner last night after getting home an hour late thanks to NJ Transit. Another of their ungodly messes. When they announced a 25% fair hike yesterday, I guess they decided to add to the pain we were all feeling by having no service out of Penn Station. But the updside to the debacle was the Charlie Brown’s dinner courtesy of the coupon. Totally worth it!

The next Fun Friday thing is a guest blog with Lisa Pietsch. Drop by there today and leave a comment at Lisa’s blog for a chance to win a STRONGER THAN SIN T-shirt and a copy of FURY CALLS! The contest ends at midnight EST today, April 16th!

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday – A Guest Visit and Freebies!”

  1. So glad I don’t have to rely on transit. I just have to buy gas to keep my car running. Our town is so small, most people here don’t even know what transit is. So of course Charlie Brown is just a cartoon. Have a great evening and a better week-end. Hugs to all.

  2. NJ Transit can’t be worse than the MTA. The fare hikes only hurt so much b/c the service is so bad in the first place!

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