Guilty Pleasures Monday – Jeff Gordon

I’m back from the RT BookReviews Convention in lovely Columbus, Ohio. I had such a nice time there and it was wonderful to meet those of you who attended or were in the area for the book fair! I’ll have some photos from the event as well as more author interviews over the next few weeks.

But today it’s back to our Guilty Pleasures!

I know lots of you are NASCAR fans and so here is a familar face for you – Jeff Gordon!

This shot is from one of those first Pepsi spots featuring Jeff. Jeff is currently sitting in 10th place in the SPRINT Cup Series, but just 5 points behind the leader Jimmie Johnson (another cutie from what I can tell!).

I can’t wait to see how it turns out, but look for more NASCAR cuties in the future.

Also, take a moment to stop by and visit with my friend Barbara Vey and see some photos from the Street Party that my friends and I hosted at the convention on Saturday morning. It was packed and it was awesome to meet so many people! I’m the one in the white t-shirt all the way to the bottom right in the photo. You can click here or follow this link also:

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Jeff Gordon”

  1. We love watching Gordan race… it is a shame what has happened the last few races… those dumb cautions! My mom goes nuts when we watch the races… it is something to see… 😀

  2. After looking at this picture, I really think I should be more into NASCAR. And thank you for the linkies – I saw you on the picture, and really enjoyed reading Barbara’s post.

  3. Love Nascar! I go for Jr though. Jeff is good though, gotta give him that.

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