Travel Tuesday – A Visit to Windsor

We took a lovely train ride out to Windsor to see Windsor Castle and the quaint town nearby, also the home to Eton, the exclusive school. Weather was a bit dreary, but not too cold. Unfortunately, Her Majesty was in residence which meant we could go on the castle grounds for free, but were unable to get into any of her “apartments.” Major bummer as I was dying to see the various bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas, etc. that we had seen on the PBS special about a year in the life of Windsor Castle.

Nevertheless, we were able to walk around all the grounds and see St. George’s Chapel. The guards were patrolling all over the area and are quite attractive in their bright red coats and furry hats. Real guns — no one will mess with them.

The gardens and areas in and around Windsor Castle are lovely. Well-kept and so green thanks to the spring rains. If you see the picture of the entrance to the Moat Path in the slide show below, it is now the entrance to the gardens that have replaced the moat.

We then headed to town where we had fish and chips in a delightful pub and walked around town before returning to London. The train ride was nice and it was a good way to also get a glimpse of the suburbs and countryside around London.

I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures. If you can’t see the slide show below, you can also check them out on my Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – A Visit to Windsor”

  1. I lived about twenty minutes from Windsor Castle. In fact our vet was in Windsor Green which is right next door to Windsor. I used to go to Windsor about once a week.

  2. Another great bunch of photos. Thanks for sharing your trip. Makes us feel like we were there too!

  3. Hi Caridad! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. It really looks like you had a truely fantastic trip. I have enjoyed all of your photos. Have a good one.

  4. Now Irene, you know she wouldn’t wear a diamond necklace with those tatty old sweats. Those call for a pearl necklace.LOL The castle is impressive. I was just thinking that in olden days those guards would have been Musketeers. I would have loved to see that. Have a great day and thanks for my NASCAR monday. Much appreciated. Hugs.

  5. Think about it: if you were sitting around in your sweats and there were people trooping all around your house, would you WANT THAT?
    I bet she was in there, sipping tea, barefoot, raggedy old sweatsuit with stains all over the chest, maybe some paint drips…wearing only a simple strand of diamonds, a small tiara, couple of rings….

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