Wicked Wednesday – FURY CALLS

First of all, congrats to PC Cast for winning the RT Best Nocturne of 2009! It was an honor to have FURY CALLS nominated with her novel and those of my other Nocturne buddies.

FURY CALLS is a book of my heart and on its way to being out-of-print. I wanted to share this excerpt with you from the novel, which was selected by CATAROMANCE as the Best Nocturne of 2009.

In this scene we meet the villain of the piece, a wicked vampire by the name of Sun-Tze Lee. For over a century he has been controlling Foley, the apparent owner of The Blood Bank, that dark and dangerous hangout in The Calling Vampire novels. I loved crafting such an awful villain and I mean truly truly awful. I know the violence was a little too much for some, but I thought it essential for the story since I wanted to show to readers how both Blake and Foley survive situations that would break lesser men (or should I say vamps?)

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from FURY CALLS! If you cannot see the excerpt below, you can also click on this link to read the excerpt and/or download the excerpt to your computer and/or Iphone, PDA, smartphone, etc.

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FURY CALLS Excerpt by Caridad Pineiro

4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – FURY CALLS”

  1. So I am very late to the commenting party on this one. (My RSS feed tends to pile up.) I LOVED Fury Calls. It was definitely one of my favorites in The Calling series. It might be on its way to being off the print shelves, but readers can still buy the ebook, as well as ebooks of all The Calling stories, here: http://bit.ly/cBVtMC

  2. Caridad, your dark villain in Fury had to be that way, else the story wouldn’t be as good. Loved it! The emotional drama going on just draws a reader in. Everything works together so well. No wonder FC is so popular!

  3. Oh Caridad! I read PC Cast’s Nocturne and it wasn’t near as good as yours. And that’s not a biased opinion either.

    Fury Calls had love, passion, incredible characters, a thrilling plot. I felt that PC Casts lacked almost all of these. Sigh. It’s never the one you want to win that wins, is it?

    Still, Fury Calls was AMAZING and I urge everyone to pick up a copy of this book before its out of print. It’s the best book out of the series thus far!

  4. So sorry that Fury Calls was not selected!
    Though PC Cast is a great author, you know
    that we are all Caridad fans! You’re the

    Pat Cochran

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