106 Years Young – Doris Eaton Travis

Doris Eaton Travis, the last of the Ziegfield Follies women, died yesterday at the age of 106. Most people were saying she was 106 years old, but considering all I’ve read about her and seen, I think it’s better to say she was 106 years young. Just get a glimpse of Doris hoofing it up at 101!

May we all be so graceful and full of life in our coming years and remember — You’re as young as you feel!

4 thoughts on “106 Years Young – Doris Eaton Travis”

  1. What an amazing woman! Great video footage too. Yes, may we all be this graceful and full of life!

  2. Wow. Oh, WOW!

    I can’t even move that way now. In forty more years, I’ll be lucky if I can get up from my bed by myself.

    What a wonderful life she’s led. God bless her.

  3. What a lovely video! I can only hope to be that active (and that spry) when I’m that age.

    Kind of makes you stop and take stock of your life, doesn’t it? Makes me want to live life to the fullest and not take anything for granted.

  4. She was an amazing woman. I am 40 years younger and I can’t even begin to do what she did at 101. (Of course I never could LOL) I was sorry I missed yesterday’s post. Thank you for the chapter. Have a great day and hugs.

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