Guilty Pleasure Monday – Matthew Fox

We’ve done some LOST hotties before (Josh Holloway and Daniel Dae Kim), but it somehow seems appropriate to do yet another LOST hottie today since the show just ended.

I have to confess that my immediate reaction wasn’t “What a Hottie!” I thought Matthew was kind of cute, but I’d seen him looking better (the ill-fated HAUNTED about a cop who has a near death experience and comes back with special powers.)

But Matthew got better and better looking as the show went on and can hold his own with any of the other gorgeous men on the show. I hope that we’ll get to see lots more of him in other projects in the future!


As for the LOST series finale, what are your thoughts on it? I had said to my husband long ago that I thought the island was purgatory and that the people were dead and could not move on until they had either redeemed themselves or had closure about the issues in their lives. LOL! I guess I wasn’t so far off the money.

What I’m missing is — What was this “sideways” world? Another holding station before going to heaven?

If you have any thoughts about it, please share them!

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Matthew Fox”

  1. I’m one of those people who never saw Lost what with show’s huge popularity is probably unusual. I was honestly going to watch it one day, but it just never happened…

  2. I also did not get into LOST, it was on
    at the same time as a show I really wanted
    to see. Honey did follow it through to the
    end. When he described how it ended, I was
    glad I hadn’t invested any time into the

    Pat Cochran

  3. Love LOST last night. And hated it. 🙂 I believe the island was all real. It all happened. Purgatory, or somesuch, was actually the sideways world.

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