Crazy Weekend!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and also had a chance to honor the men, women and families of our military people.

I spent the weekend running around as my baby came home from school and we had an accidental new addition to the family! We came home and found a baby squirrel in our driveway. It was disoriented and had a bloody nose. We didn’t know how long it had been on the hot blacktop.

One of our neighbors is a real animal person, so she helped us, but was not sure it would survive. We gave it water and made a little nest for it. In the meantime, we went in search of its nest and/or mom.

We had a close call with reuniting it with its mommy, but sadly the baby was in danger of attack from other wildlife. We’ve been feeding it formula and keeping it warm. It’s finally opened its eyes and is alert, but we’re trying to track down a rehabilitator who knows what to do with it.

If anyone is in the Central NJ area and knows of one, that would be greatly appreciated.

Besides that, I spent a lot of time working on the new books and also snuck in a barbeque with friends and family.

How about you? Did you all have a wonderful weekend? Are you ready to face the week at work?

3 thoughts on “Crazy Weekend!”

  1. I love animals and although squirrels are not my favorites, this was just a little baby. We managed to keep it alive and found a wild baby rescue person. We took it there last night. The rescuer had another squirrel around the same age so Rocky (yes we named her) will have a sibling of sorts.

  2. Good for you, Caridad. I am a huge animal activist. We just did that with 6 baby rabbits when the mother rabbit decided to have them right beside the sidewalk in our frontyard. It rained so hard it washed them out of their hole. We literally brought one back to life and kept them all going until the tempatures dropped outside killing 4 of the smaller, weaker ones. Two survived and have continued to stay close to the house. We also had a kitten show up who lost it’s mother. We found a friend who wanted it for his barn. Out in the country where we live you never know what might turn up from day today. We just do the best we can to help when we can yet we do let nature take it’s course if we have to. We always do no harm. 🙂

  3. Oh the poor baby… glad it is getting some help… we have helped animals in the past… once in the winter, we saw blood all over the snow and tracked it to a dove with a broken and bloody wing… took it in and cleaned it up some… then mentioned it to our vet and they took her in! Hate to see animals suffer… Used to always visit Bear Mountain in NY… they had a small zoo of rehab animals that can not return to the wild… always loved visiting!
    Had a relaxing weekend with family, a couple of BBQs… 😀

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