Teaser Tuesday and a Call for Help!

Today is a teaser Tuesday because I’m going to whet your apetites about some upcoming contests as well as ask you to help out with those contests.

But not in the way that you might think.

With two upcoming fall releases (AZTEC GOLD, a vampire novella, and STRONGER THAN SIN, the next book in the SIN HUNTERS paranormal romance series) I’m going to be running some special contests later in the year.

In fact, I’ve already been gathering up all kinds of fun prizes for you!

There will be a beautiful gold Aztec-style butterfly, a silver SONY PRS300SC E-Reader Pocket Edition, Gift cards, delicious Bath & Body Works goodies, t-shirts, hats and books. But I’d like to know from you what kinds of things you like to see in contests and whether you tweet them, share them on your Facebook and Myspace pages, list them on your sites, etc.

To thank you for the comments you post below, I will pick one of you to win a copy of SINS OF THE FLESH and a STRONGER THAN SIN t-shirt!

Just leave a comment by midnight EST Friday, June 18th for a chance to win those goodies.

11 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday and a Call for Help!”

  1. I love t-shirts if they are big enough. I’m a curvy woman. 😉 I also like notepads as I can take them to work with me.

    An ebook reader is always a great prize. I have one and love it.

    As for twitter, I don’t do it but I’m a big facebook fan. I follow my favorite authors there.

  2. I love copies of books and other swag from authors (although the prizes you mentioned sound awesome!) I’m here because I love to read, so reading-related stuff is always great. I will tweet a contest if I can copy-paste (I’m super lazy lol), and usually don’t facebook but am happy to if there’s a “share” button.

  3. You always have good contests. The prizes you listed are great.I don’t tweet or anything like that. I do tell everyone about your books and wear my t-shirt I won recently. I also have Sins so Good luck to everyone. Have a great day and hugs to all. I will be absent for a week as my daughter and Grands are arriving from Californis today and will be here for a week. (hint-hint put me down for the butterfly. LOL)

  4. I love to see prizes of books or gift certificates to buy books, but the other prizes you listed are great as well. I have to say I enjoy T-shirts as well. I wear a red one all the time that I won from you Caridad. 😆
    I do tweet contests sometimes, if I think the folks following me would appreciate it.

  5. Hi,

    I am also one of those who don’t do Facebook, or tweet. Most of my friends are already hanging out at all the groups, websites and blogs.

    As for prizes, my fav is a GC for amazon.com I live in Germany, and although the German amazon usually has a fantastic list of English books, amazon.com does have just about everything available!! It has happened that I’ve ordered a book from amazon.de that was listed as available to getting an email two weeks later saying they cannot deliver….drat!!!

    Anyways, enough rambling. Looks like there will be some lucky folks this year.

  6. You already have some great prizes listed. I think gift cards are nice as well.

    Yes! I will share all about your contest for sure!

  7. What I like to see in contests are books and swag especially. Then candles, gift cards just about anything you can think of really.

    I always tweet a contest as well as post it to Facebook, MySpace, Google and Multiply Blogs. I do the best I can to help spread the word…LOL.

  8. Hi, Caridad 🙂

    Looking forward to Stronger Than Sin *bg*

    What do I like to see in contests? Not sure you mean for prizes or what type of contest…For prizes, anything is fun… love what you have listed.

    I do tweet about contests when I can… and that will automatically update to my facebook page 🙂 I’ll also blog about it when I can 🙂

  9. I love contests, but for me I do not have a blog of my own, do not tweet or facebook… I just simply visit author’s sites and blogs… I just spread the word to my friends face to face… sounds like some wonderful prizes!!! I am lucky enough to already have a copy of SINS… so good luck to whomever wins! 😀

  10. Hi Caridad,

    I love contests! It is always fun to tweet them…I don’t mind FB contests either but I don’t do them as often.

    I am looking forward to both of your new releases!

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