Happy Birthday, America!

As we celebrate the birth of our amazing Nation, remember that Liberty is not free. It is safeguarded by the sacrifices of the men, women and families of our military. It is maintained by each and every citizen who respects the laws and rules of this Nation.

Fly the flag proudly today and never be ashamed to say, “I am an American.”

God bless America and all those who serve her. May they be safe and sound and come home quickly.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!”

  1. 😮 My favorite song sung by Lee Greenwood and Alabama is God Bless The USA {also known as Proud To Be An American} and every time I hear it not am I proud but it makes me cry for all the loss in the name of freedom!

    Happy 4th Caridad and may it be a safe and happy one for you and yours!

    jackie b central texas 🙂

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