It’s the Power of Love!

There is an interesting article up at Yahoo News Today about the best advice that Warren Buffett ever received.

According to Buffett, also known as the “Oracle of Omaha”, his father taught him how to live and Buffett believes that all parents can make their children “better human beings” with the power of one simple thing: Unconditional love.

I was lucky to have had a mother who believed in that. I never had any doubt that mother loved me with all my faults and that I could always turn to her when I needed support.

It was imperative to me to do the same with my child, understanding all the good and bad, but always being clear that my love was not conditioned on her getting good grades, being a better athlete, etc., although we always stressed to her that those things were important for her future.

It’s not always easy to be this way in some situations. Can unconditional love make you a doormat? What do you do if your child just seems to be going nowhere? Can you show “tough love” and still have it be unconditional?

I sure don’t have all the answers and I’m sure neither does Warren Buffett. But it’s an interesting news piece and interview if you’ve got a few minutes to spare this morning. You can either click on this link or cut and paste this link into your browser:

You can also see his comments here:

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2 thoughts on “It’s the Power of Love!”

  1. I think many people confuse unconditional love and unconditional approval. I used to say things like,”I love you, but not what you did”

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