Guilty Pleasure John Cena

John Cena Word LifeIf you like your men big, burly and built, there is probably no better choice than the amazingly buff and handsome WWE star John Cena. Cena is a nine-time world wrestling champion and in addition, is a hip-hop star and actor. His first release was THE MARINE in 2006.

Here’s a picture of John with some real Marines at the premiere of THE MARINE.

John Cena

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure John Cena”

  1. I have a confession, he is one of my guilty pleasures!!! Always will be.. oh yum! The hubs even knows he is guilty pleasure of mine… He’s movies are awesome with me!!!!
    Thanks hon!

  2. 😈 My true guilty pleasure was actually enjoying the movie when it came out, thought John did a good job and boo to the critics who said otherwise…
    His next stint in the acting business was also a pretty good action adventure in “12 Rounds”, I like the thriller aspect of it in the story line. Nice to see though that when someone gets the adulation this young man obviously garnered that the smiles on the “real” Marines faces are genuine and they are having a well deserved moment of fun with him!

    jackie ^_^

  3. I have a nephew who is a GI-rine and when he and his ‘buds’ get together they have a ball! That could easily have beena picture of them!

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