Thursday Thirteen – Halloween Happenings

I’m taking a moment to breathe from all the STRONGER THAN SIN release party fun and contests to share with you my 13 favorite things about Halloween!

1. Heath Bars

2. Special Halloween Kit Kats (they’re white chocolate on the outside with chocolate on the inside).

3. Seeing little kids in their Halloween costumes.

4. Seeing parents and older kids in their Halloween costumes.

5. LOL! Dressing up myself. When my daughter was in elementary school they would have a Halloween Hop and all the parents went in costume. Here’s one of me, my sis and my future hubby at one Halloween party.

6. Taking a hayride and going out into the pumpkin field to pick a pumpkin.

7. The smell of leaves in the air.

8. The bit of a nip which lets you know fall is finally here.

9. Decorating the house for Halloween and checking out the decorations on the other homes.

10. Watching scary movies late at night.

11. Having Halloween fall on the weekend so I can see all the kids that are coming by.

12. Caramel apples.

13. Reading spooky books.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Thursday Thirteen. I welcome you to add any of your favorite things about Halloween in the comments section.

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9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Halloween Happenings”

  1. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say chocolate anything. Although with kids growing nut and chocolate allergies Smarties and Sour Balls are our alternative.

    Also, I love to see the little neighborhood kids come to the door. They barely make the high steps and are so adorable! Plus, my neighborhood is the best in the world. Participating in the community affair is what it’s all about for me 🙂

  2. Wonderful list!!! Those KitKats are good! I smile everytime I see little kids in their costumes… love peanut M&Ms, Reeses products… 😀

  3. The phrase “trick or treat” makes my heart glad.
    Also, “thank you” when you dump a handful of candy bars into the kids’ pillowcases.
    Next day is special, too. 😉

  4. All of the above – except the Hop! My favorite thing about Halloween is that it is almost Thanksgiving – The Kid comes home for a visit and we are with family and friends!

  5. I love caramel apples. It’s sad most kids will never experience the home made treats we used to score as kids. Fun List!
    Happy Halloween!

  6. I love your list! My favorite thing about Halloween is the smell of the leaves in the air. It is one of the best smells ever. 🙂

    Happy 13!

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