Guilty Pleasures Monday – Football and the Blog Tour!

If you know even a little bit about STRONGER THAN SIN, you know I’m a football fan in addition to being a baseball fan. I root for the JETS and GIANTS and hope that one day New Jersey will have its own football team. It’s why I invented the New Jersey MARAUDERS as Jesse Bradford’s team in the book.

My family and I were watching the Colts-Eagles game yesterday when one of the young players – Austin Collie – took a punishing hit. We held our breaths as he went down and prayed he would be okay since he was clearly injured. We learned later on that he suffered a concussion. So today is dedicated to this young man. Everything I’ve read about him indicates that he is an outstanding individual and I hope he heals quickly. (Photo Credit: BYU Cougars Football)

Today begins the ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH Blog tour! Stop by one of the blogs to find out more about me and my books and to possibly win a prize as some of the blogs are hosting giveaways.

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Football and the Blog Tour!”

  1. My grandfather was an Eagles fan… during the holidays I would watch games on tv with him… the rest of us never really got into watching football…

  2. Watched the same games you did. One of the friends on FB is a rabid Seahawks fan. That game was a slaughter.
    How these players take this physical punishment week after week worries me.
    Ya gotta be tough to be in the NFL, that’s for sure.

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