Thursday 13 – Favorite Foods

I had a chance to have a wonderful business-related dinner last night at an upscale New York City eatery – the Gotham Bar and Grill – which got me going on the theme for today’s Thursday 13, namely, my favorite foods. So here goes!

1. Foie gras. Yes, I know it’s outlawed in California and Oregon, but it’s tasty.

2. Lobster.

3. Hot Dogs.

4. Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

5. Ice cream. Most any flavor except mint. Yech. I hate mint.

6. Ropa vieja. A tasty Cuban dish of shredded beef in tomato sauce.

7. Cuban roast pork. Love it! I gave out the recipe the other day if you want to try it for yourself. Just click here.

8. Tacos.

9. Cheese and bread.

10. Spaghetti and meatballs (my husband makes the best meatballs!)

11. My sister’s Thanksgiving Meal. (Corn casserole, turkey, pecan pie so many amazing foods!)

12. Eggs. Any way shape or form.

13. Tomato soup with either a tuna or peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the side.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Thursday Thirteen. I welcome you to add any of your foods and even give us some recipes if you can.

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6 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Favorite Foods”

  1. i love my own splasagna… basically lasagna with spaghetti noodles… and croissants with butter garlic and mozz cheese in the middle… yum

  2. well I just picked up some of my favorites
    DH & I went for a drive to a Scottish Bakery picked up Scones, shortbread, Imperial biscuits cornish Pasties, Bridies, Scotch Pies, Sausage rolls, SQUARE SAUSAGE on a fresh roll.
    Its a good thing we dont live in the same town….
    have a good one Ann.

  3. My grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie… nothing tastes better!
    Chicken Parm
    Boston Cream Pie
    Ice Cream- Vanilla Bean, Cookie Dough, Oreo, Moose Tracks, Tin Roof (have not had that one in years!!!)
    Melt in your mouth steak
    oh boy now I am hungry!!! 😀

  4. Never had foie gras but I like liverwurst…and chopped chicken livers…I guess I’m just a peasant.
    I will agree with all the others, though. Pizza and lobster are all I really need to survive.
    Mint ice cream is like swallowing toothpaste. yatch

  5. I simply love food. Thanks for sharing your favorites!
    I have to agree with ice cream, any flavor but mint (yuck). But my favorite food is any that I don’t have to prepare myself. I’m a terrible cook. I leave that up to my husband and the teenagers. LOL. 😀

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