Thursday Thirteen – 13 Fun Things to do in a Blizzard

We didn’t have a White Christmas this year, but we did get a huge blizzard over December 26 to 27th which is what prompted today’s Thursday 13: 13 Fun Things to do in a Blizzard!

1. Sleep.

2. Start a fire in the fireplace.

3. Start a fire in the bedroom.

4. Read a good book.

5. Write a book (hopefully good).

6. Sleep.

7. Make a nice soup or stew to chase away the chill after # 8.

8. Shovel. Yes, it can be fun to be out there with the snow coming down and the chill nip in the air.

9. Make some hot chocolate or hot apple cider.

10. Sleep.

11. Write some more because you are under a horrible deadline.

12. Take some pictures (see below).

13. Enjoy the day off from work!

Take a moment to share some of your favorite things to do during a blizzard!

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7 Responses to Thursday Thirteen – 13 Fun Things to do in a Blizzard

  1. sandy says:

    wow You’re out now huh??

  2. Irene says:

    Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
    Snow go away!

  3. Janet says:

    We took the dogs for a long walk through the woods in the falling snow…that was nice! Happy new Year :-)

  4. Xakara says:

    Fortunately I’m not in blizzard country but I agree with everything on the list. I’ll keep it in mind when we move back to snow country. *smile*

    Happy New Year & Good Luck on the deadline!

    13 New Year’s Wishes

  5. Barb P says:

    Thankfully that wasn’t us this year, but we got it last year. Happy New Year!

  6. Rita from South Africa says:

    Wow these are great ideas if caught in a blizzard but as this weather is non existant in this part of the world I’ll keep it in mind should I travel in cold weather *lol*

    Here’s a New Year to you Caridad and all of your fans worldwide!

    May 2011 bring gifts of unconditional love sprinkle of joy wherever you are the peace of Christ in your hearts always.

    If blessings is a raindrop I’ll send you a shower,
    If hope is a minute I’ll send you an hour,
    If happiness is a leaf I’ll give you a tree.

    Warm wishes, Rita

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