Thoughtful Thursday – The New Year

The New Year has come roaring in and I’m trying hard not to make resolutions. I guess because I always think that it’s more than about just making a promise for the short term, it’s about making a long term change for the better.

Despite that, I can’t help getting caught up in the New Year’s frenzy of promises, so here are a few things I’m going to try to do for myself and others.

1. Lose weight. A continuous battle for me.

2. Be more patient. I am so not patient at times.

3. Work harder. Seems impossible and yet I truly believe in the American Dream that all things are possible thanks to the fruit of hard labor.

4. Rethink promo. Been there done that so many times and all for naught. There has got to be a better way.

5. Play more. All work and no play makes Caridad a grumpy girl.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Any fun things you’ve got planned for the coming year?

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – The New Year”

  1. My goal for 2011 is to get a job closer to home that pays well so I’m able to travel and possibly attend another RT conference :mrgreen:

    Ditto on 1,2,5 with friends & family!!

    I also hope to redo my bathrooms and loft and if I meet Prince Charming that would be icing on da cake for me 😕

    Always dreaming,
    Rita from South Africa

  2. My Thursday Thirteen today is about my goals for the New Year too. It’s hard not to get caught up. Reading your list just made me realize that with 13 goals, I didn’t put weight anywhere on the list. I set up a new exercise program and everything for the new year, but it never came up on my list. A good thing I hope. 🙂

    So I’m with you on 1 & 4, it’s all about the promo and health for when it starts to stress us out. Good luck!

    13 New Year’s Goals

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