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So sorry to have been silent these past few days but I was busy writing my fingers to the nub and am very happy to say that I turned the book in yesterday. That book is THE CLAIMED, the fourth book in the SINS/SIN HUNTER series. I really enjoyed writing THE CLAIMED. It was dark, sexy and action-packed and I hope you’ll like it as well. The release date is May 2012, but don’t worry . . . You’ll have lots of other things to keep you (and me) busy in the mean time.

If you haven’t checked out AZTEC GOLD, it’s available online in various spots. It’s also available in audio (can they say those words out loud?) at

If you’ve enjoyed the Aztec vibe and Mexican locale, I think you’ll enjoy THE FIFTH KINGDOM, a romantic suspense that’s due out from Carina Press this spring. THE FIFTH KINGDOM is about a history professor–Deanna Vasquez– whose mother abandoned her long ago, creating a wealth of pain and distrust in her. When a CIA Agent comes to her for assistance since her mother has been kidnapped, Deanna is loathe to help him, especially when the kidnapping seems to revolve around her mother’s search for Montezuma’s tomb. It was the tomb which pulled Deanna’s mother away from her family. But Deanna is challenged by the sexy CIA Agent to leave the comfort of her classroom and help him save the world from the terrorists who have kidnapped her mother. What follows is an adventure filled with love, reunion and death (I won’t say who, but it will be a shocker . . .until you find out more about the secret in the tomb.)

As you may have read on the home page, I’m scheduled to do three Nocturne Bites for you in 2011. The first is about Amazon guardians, the second is the tale of a mummy’s curse and the last is one that fans of THE CALLING have been waiting for: another Diana and Ryder story. One that will hopefully please you all with its outcome. As for me, I hope that story will be a springboard for the series in a new direction.

Last but not least, to help you relax during those long summer days you’ll be able to grab up THE LOST in August. This is the third book in the SINS/SIN HUNTER series and I know you will love reading more about the Carreras. This time it’s Bobbie Carrera, home from war and injured emotionally and physically. A true Carrera, she is up for any challenge, even Adam Bruno, a man who has powers that not even he can understand.

So what else is coming up for this year? A new look to the website which I think you will love as much as I do (it really calls to the Piscean in me). Lots of contests, videos, guest blogs and a whole lot of fun, I hope.

If there are any special things you would like to do this year, leave a comment! I’d love to try out some new things for you to enjoy and share.

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  1. Hey my friend! Sounds like you have been and will be very busy. Looking forward to all of the new reading material. Also looking forward to the new look to the website!

  2. Looks like it’s going to be an amazing year for you, Caridad! Congrats on turning in THE CLAIMED. And THE FIFTH KINGDOM and THE LOST sound amazing!

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