Guilty Pleasure Heat for an Arctic Monday

How cold was it this morning when I left my house? 2 degrees Fahrenheit. 2! How cold is that really? Well take a look at this snapshot of the Bryant Park fountain which was freezing over from the arctic chill.

Well, we definitely have to generate some heat to combat that arctic chill and what better way than with a nice hot Guilty Pleasure? But with it being so cold, we need a man who can heat us up in the kitchen as well with something so delectable we’ll be shivering in anticipation. So today’s Guilty Pleasure is Curtis Stone, celebrity chef. Curtis has been on a number of television cooking shows both in his native Australia and here in the States. You may remember how nice he dressed up when he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice.

Curtis Stone Celebrity Chef

I hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure.

Curtis Stone Photo Credit: Joseph

6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Heat for an Arctic Monday”

  1. OH honey, he is enough to melt my snow!!!
    You know how to find the guilty pleasure!
    Thanks for sharing him! Hugs to you honey!

  2. I had 14 below in our yard this morning..I am curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book very soon. IT IS SNUGGIE TIME and I have two snuggies to choose from. susan Leech Love the pictures.

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  4. I see Curtis on Biggest Loser frequently. He sure does heat up the kitchen and other places as well. Good choice today. Have a wonderful day and stay warm and safe.

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