To Boldly Go Where No Romance Writer Has Gone Before…

The Discovery shuttle took off for the last time yesterday. It made me sad. So much has been sacrificed to make space travel possible. So many new things have been invented and made their way into the everyday thanks to our quest to explore space.

I remember growing up, imagining myself living in space or visiting another planet. When the first STARS WARS movie came out, my hubby/then boyfriend and I sat on line for hours to see the movie. Like me, he had grown up on a fare of science fiction and space movies and envisioned the future in space.

Well, NASA may be headed in directions other than space these days, but it’s still possible for me to imagine myself out there, isn’t it? So today I bring you, Caridad boldly going somewhere silly in a spoof from STAR WARS! If you can’t see the video below, please click here.

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2 thoughts on “To Boldly Go Where No Romance Writer Has Gone Before…”

  1. You kill me. “We’re going to die!” “Not if we swing over this chasm!” “WHEE!!!”

    No doubt that’s the script Lucas meant to go with. I foresee many hours spent crafting my own version. Took me a bit to realize you’d used Einstein, Efron, and (Yum!) Daniel Craig in key roles.

    Great start to my morning! XOXO

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