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We have a special Wicked Wednesday today – a guest blog by Jean Hart Stewart who is here to tell us about her latest release. Please welcome Jean! Also, leave a comment for a chance to win one of Jean’s books.

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By sheer coincidence, my host at yesterday’s blog also asked me to blog on why I chose the Regency period for the setting of my historical romance, For Love Is New. So I’m going to do something different today.

The Duke of Wellington has always fascinated me. I’m going to quote from his correspondence with the War Department, when he was deep in fighting the Peninsular Campaign against Napoleon. A little long, but worth it. I love it.


Whilst marching from Portugal to a position which commands the approach to Madrid and the French Forces, my officers have been diligently complying with your requests which have sent by HM ship from London to Lisbon and thence by dispatch rider to our headquarters.

We have enumerated our saddles, bridles, tents and tent poles and all manner of sundry items for which His Majesty’s Government holds me accountable. I have dispatched reports on the character, wits and spleen of every officer. Each item and every farthing has been accounted for, with two regrettable exceptions for which I beg your indulgence.

Unfortunately the sum of one shilling and ninepence remains unaccounted for in one infantry battalion’s petty cash, and there has been a hideous confusion as to the number of jars of raspberry jam.**** This reprehensible carelessness may be related to the pressure of circumstance, since we are war with France, a fact which may come as a bit of a surprise to you gentlemen at Whitehall.

This brings me to my present purpose, which is to request elucidation from His Majesty’s Government so that I may better understand why I dragging an army over these barren plains. I construe that perforce it must be one of the two alternative duties as given below. I shall pursue either one with the best of my ability but I cannot do both:

1.To train an army of uniformed British clerks in Spain for the benefit of the accountants and copy boys in London, or, perchance

2.To see to it that the forces of Napoleon are driven out of Spain.

Your most obedient servant

And this is the man whose mother thought he was pretty dim as a boy, and sent him away to India as hopeless!!


Lord Christian Cherne, recently invalided out of the Penninsular Army, is looking forward to the pleasures of London. He has one duty to discharge before he searches for a mistress. He must offer his protection to Lady Juliet Sloan. Paul Sloan was killed in battle, leaving Christian a horrifying letter of his sadistic treatment at the hands of Roger Gullis. To his dismay, Christian finds Gullis sitting in Lady Juliet’s parlor when he comes to call. All his plans must now concentrate on keeping Juliet safe. Christian further suspects Gullis of being a traitor and his fears for Juliet increase.

Juliet is attracted, but suspicious of which man is the traitor. As attraction between Juliet and Christian grows, Gullis turns cruelly vengeful.

Will Juliet and Christian be able to thwart Gullis’ plans to help bring Napoleon back to power, even as he finds wicked retribution for his rejection by the two lovers he has come to hate?


As Christian threw her up on her horse, and then mounted himself, Juliet looked for Boney. He was sitting by Maggie and made no move to come with them.

“Let’s go, Boney,” said Christian. To everyone’s amazement, the dog didn’t budge. In fact he moved even closer to the small girl.

“Well,” said Christian, “that’s a surprise.”

Maggie gave the dog an embarrassed push, but he stayed by her side.

Christian laughed. “If you can stand his company, I’d be delighted, Miss Maggie. We’ve been wondering where to house him.”

Southworth looked as if he were about to have a fit of apoplexy. “Maggie, that’s his lordship’s dog. Tell him to go along with his master. I’ve taught you better than this.”

Before she could answer Christian cut in. “It looks to me as if Maggie and I might share the ownership, Southworth. You can’t direct affection, you know. I think it’s a wonderful solution, if he isn’t too much of a pest. My mother thinks he’s much too big for the house.”

Southworth, still embarrassed, looked first at the girl, who was reluctantly taking her arms from about Boney, and then at his lordship’s wide smile.

“Let me know if he gets to be too much of a bother,” Christian said and rode off, still grinning.

Boney watched Juliet and Christian leave. The big dog didn’t move except to follow them with his eyes, then he sighed and sat down on Maggie’s feet.

Maggie’s arms wrapped around his neck once again.

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  1. Thanks for not only sharing your writing, but also your inspiration. Whether it be a letter, or a phrase, or a little known historical fact, it always fascinates me to see what sparked another writer’s words. Good luck with the book!

  2. I can’t imagine sending a child to India. Worse yet, to do it because you think the child is worthless! Thanks for blurb!

    1. I sometimes wonder how he mother felt when he became the most esteemed Duke in England! The son she favored was successful, but not like Wellington. Thanks for commenting…Jean

  3. Hi Jean,
    I can’t wait to read this. it is one of my favorite time periods too. the excerpt made me want to run right out and grab a copy.

    1. Thanks, Tammy.This book means so much to me since I love that period and researched it so carefully..Christian is SUCH a doll. Jean

    1. Thanks, Colleen. The dog, Boney, has a big role to play in ultimately bringing down the villain. So much fun to write this book…Jean

  4. Thanks for having me today. Love chatting with fellow-bloggers. I’ll be interested in your opinions on writing and writers. Or anything else, for that matter. I’m the gregarious type when it comes to blogs. Jean

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