Summer’s Road by Kelly Moran

We’re really honored to have Kelly Moran with us today! Kelly is a dear friend and a fellow author. I am so lucky to have just received a copy of her wonderful book, SUMMER’S ROAD and can’t wait to start reading it. Leave a comment to win a copy of Kelly’s book and also to win a copy of an ARC for THE LOST.

Without further ado, here’s Kelly!

First of all, a huge thanks to Caridad for letting me intrude on her blog today. I’ve enjoyed her books for a long time, so this is an honor. I’m going to let Caridad pick one commenter to win a FREE eBook copy of my upcoming release, Summer’s Road, due out March 25th wherever books are sold. Feel free to also ask any questions you have.


After her father’s death, Summer Quinn realizes just how alone she feels in the world. With no family to fill her life now, she finds comfort among friends, but yearns for true love, contentment, and family. When her boyfriend, Matt, suggests they raise their relationship to a higher level, Summer jumps at the chance to get everything she’s always wanted. Only, she doesn’t expect the heat arising between her and her best friend, Ian – a man who never seems to settle down. A man the complete opposite of what she’s looking for. But when her estranged mother reappears after twenty-eight years, Summer’s world completely flips upside down. As secrets from her family’s past and Ian’s true feelings for her emerge, Summer’s now faced with choices she’s not sure she can make. The rest of her life’s happiness hinges on her confronting a past she’d rather deny and legitimately opening her heart to love, even if it’s not where she expected to find it.


Summer stepped onto the pier and gazed out over the ocean. Nighttime here was different than back home. There weren’t any city lights to disguise the stars. The ocean looked black, as dark as the sky above, so that across the horizon, she couldn’t tell where the sky ended and the water began. It was kind of like looking into heaven, like looking into the earth’s soul.

The drum of footsteps behind her broke her from her reverie. Turning, she saw Ian coming toward her. Shirtless, he hadn’t even bothered with the button on his jeans, he strode closer in bare feet with a bottle of wine in one hand and glasses in the other.

All she could think was how damn delicious he looked in the moonlight. Heat pooled in her belly and spread throughout her body like a wildfire. Ian Memmer. Not good.

“You shouldn’t be out here by yourself,” he said, pouring a glass of white wine and handing it to her, the look in his eyes saying it looks like you need this.

She took the glass from him and sipped before answering. “That’s the point, to be by myself.”

He raked a gaze over her. “And if you fell in?”

Maybe it was the moonlight. Maybe it was the call of the ocean. Whatever it was, something made her want to test the boundaries between them again. Matt or not. Friendship or not. Consequences be damned. “Then you’d save me. You always do.”

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  1. This sounds like an interesting book. Love the title and how it can have more than one meaning.

  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to say thanks again.

    I’m going to head out for the night and check back in tomorrow. The whole household has that cough-cold-body ache plague. NEED BED!


  3. hi kelly, i am not familiar with your work. summer’s road sounds intriguing. i love the lin “then you’d save me. you always do.” 😀

    big thanks to caridad for introducing a new author to me.

    would love to win a copy of summer’s road and the ARC of caridad’s new book, the lost. thanks again.

  4. Kelly Congrats on this upcoming release! It sounds like Summer has an interesting story to tell… thanks for sharing a piece of it with us today!

  5. Love the cover to Summer’s Road! The blurb was very interesting, thanks for the sneak peak, Ian seems like a yummy character

  6. Thanks again to Caridad for having me!

    This is an eBook giveaway, but you don’t need an e-reader like KIndle or Nook to win. The book will be emailed to you and you can read it right on your PC.

    Just so everyone knows, there was an issue with my blog, so please pop by and “follow” the new one,


  7. Kelly, SUMMER’S ROAD sounds great! I just love the title! Thank you both for a chance to win a copy! 😉

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