Setting the Scene & Spring Happenings

On today’s Thursday 13, I want to invite you to take a visit to my fellow author India Drummond who is hosting me today as I blog about the powers of observation and setting a scene. Keeping in line with that, I thought I’d give you a list of the 13 things that I love about spring (not that it’s arrived here yet in the cold Northeast!)

1. Colorful crocuses peeking their heads out of the soil.
2. Golden daffodils.
3. Spring green bursting from leaf buds.
4. Soft pink of my Japanese weeping cherry tree.
5. The smell of freshly mowed spring grass.
6. The bite of wild onions mowed along with the grass.
7. First gurgle of the pond as I start up the pump.
8. Goldfish soaking up the sun.
9. Chatter of birds in the trees.
10. Sun, warm on my face.
11. Splashing through rain puddles.
12. Crisp breeze coming off the ocean.
13. The smack of the ball on the bat! It’s Opening Day!

Thanks for dropping by and don’t forget to visit me over at India’s blog. On this very last day of March and my month long birthday bash, I’m offering up a copy of AZTEC GOLD for one lucky person who leaves a comment on India’s blog by midnight EST.

8 thoughts on “Setting the Scene & Spring Happenings”

  1. I’ve been hearing the birds in the trees, and the spring peepers, but no flowers yet…and we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow here in the northeast!

  2. Nice 13! Spring will be here soon and then summer. Can’t wait! stopping over at India’s blog now.

  3. Great list. Although it’s cold and rainy here today, your list gives me something to look forward to.

  4. Wow, you make me want to be there. I can practically see the weeping cherry tree. *sigh* 😛

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