Subway Takes a Wrong Turn?

Imagine waking up to this outside your door!

LOL! April Fool! This is actually a staged shot done for April Fool’s Day in Copenhagen, a most beautiful city. Apparently Gevalia coffee does a series of ads where their name pops up on various vehicles. Kind of funny!

Thanks to Lars for releasing this into the public domain.

On a more serious note: NO SNOW! At least not in NYC and my neck of the NJ Woods. It’s even a little warmer, maybe a sign that Spring will finally arrive. Maybe. Hopefully. Please, please, please come soon!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. As for me, I’m working on new holiday vampire novella for Harlequin. I’ve got it almost there, but am tweaking some parts to make certain elements clearer. It’s a radical departure for me in the vampire world, I think. Very different from THE CALLING vampire novels. More similar to MORE THAN A MISSION in terms of style, sexiness and emotion. Here’s hoping my editor likes it.

2 thoughts on “Subway Takes a Wrong Turn?”

  1. This is way too funny :mrgreen: thanx for sharing Caridad.

    Ohhh another book release on its way *YAY* Looking forward to it!!

    Please send us some cold cool air for I’m not sure I can take the hot weather any longer ;o)

  2. Buffalo NY was not so lucky, our April fools was waking up to snow showers. They seemed to go away for now. I really hope that is the last of it. Your not that far away, are you ever in our area book stores?

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