Events, Coupons and More!

As much as I was planning to do a Thursday 13 today, I am without a thought this a.m. I could not even name 13 things sitting on my desk right now. Well, maybe I could but I don’t think you’d be too interested in knowing. LOL!

I want to thank everyone who dropped by the live video event last night. I had a blast talking with all of you and the marvelous Donna Grant. Donna is so much fun and it was so interesting to hear about her books and her wonderful Dark Sword series. Also got to see her wonderful trailer for UNTAMED HIGHLANDER. Can I say AWESOME?

I’ll be picking winners from the event later this a.m. and posting them tomorrow, so please drop by on Friday to see if you’ve won.

Well, maybe I can after a double dose of coffee since I was both tired and excited after our event last night. Went to bed early as I usually do because I’m normally up at 5 a.m. to head to work. So not fun.

But as I lay there I turned on the television and zapped between PAWN QUEENS and AUCTION WARS. I love seeing what they find, maybe because I’ve recently discovered that there is an adventurous treasure hunter buried deep inside of me. (Duh, I guess I should have realized that way before writing AZTEC GOLD and THE FIFTH KINGDOM, but I didn’t!)

Then I caught my first episode of EXTREME COUPONING. Whoa! A young couple got thousands of dollars of items for FREE. The nice thing was they gave everything away to local area charities.

Next was a single mom who relied on couponing to support her family. More power to her. Why not take advantage of savings, especially in these difficult times.

I used to coupon more. Once saved 75% of my grocery bill with coupons. Now I have little time for that, but I still try to predominantly buy what’s on sale and what I need. I don’t want to end up throwing away items that have reached their expiration date.

I also make sure to check the sizes and prices. 5.98 a pound chicken breasts at 50% off is no bargain. I hate when stores do that to make themselves look good, but are not really giving their customers a break.

So do you coupon? Extremely or just average?

Oh wait. I guess I did have some thoughts this morning. LOL! I hope they made sense.

6 thoughts on “Events, Coupons and More!”

  1. Missed another video chat… had dinner out with my family… coupons! my mother and I are known as the coupon ladies… we do not go as crazy as the extreme couponers, but we always have our coupon container with us… 😀

  2. Morning!

    Those are good shows … I also really like American Pickers. They find a lot of interesting things, and also talk to some real characters!

    I would like to extreme coupon, but at the moment I have nowhere to store a thousand rolls of toilet paper! I couldn’t be one of those moms who sick it in their kids rooms … Lol

    1. I’d never find it again in my kid’s room! LOL!

      I like American Pickers also. I’m finding that I watch more and more of those shows on cable. Lots of fun.

  3. What does one do with 1000 tubes of toothpaste, other than give the stuff away?
    Yesterday we went shopping with 10 coupons to use, only four were not valid until the first week of June–which the man of the house failed to notice in advance. So we had the items and were not about to take ’em back, so…we lost money, but they did let us take the coupons back to use later. Big deal. We aren’t made for couponing, not even 10 in a row, I guess.

  4. I enjoy “Extreme Couponing” (although the stories are all starting to run together). To me, shopping for bargains is the female version of hunting! It’s fascinating to see the couponers’ organization process and even their computer programs–there’s an app for everything, I guess. And many kudos to the folks who shop for themselves and donate the surplus to charity.

    I kind of feel bad for the people who shop after the Extreme Couponers clear out the shelves, though. I know the one woman said that mustard doesn’t ever go bad, but I find that hard to believe–from what I’ve read, the only thing that NEVER goes bad is sugar. So how in the world will she be able to use 50 bottles of mustard before it curdles?

    1. It does last a long time, but not that long, unless you’ve got a major pretzel and mustard fetish. 😆

      It is rough on the other shoppers and on the cashiers. Whenever I went with lots of coupons, I tried to avoid peak times so as to not inconvenience people.

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