Yet More Wicked Thoughts

On Monday we were talking about what turns you on in a man. Hands. Face. Eyes. Working man’s physique. Thanks to all of you who commented and provided help as I busily revise my current work-in-progress.

Which brings us to today’s more wicked thoughts segment. With stories getting sexier by the millisecond, what are the things you like and dislike seeing in your stories?

For me, a story isn’t really sexy unless there is some emotional connection between the hero or heroine. Even if it’s lust at first sight, there has to be the promise of more between them for me to really get involved in the story.

How about you? Do you need that emotional connection? Must there be a happily-ever-after or the promise of one for you to be satisfied at the end of the story?

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7 thoughts on “Yet More Wicked Thoughts”

  1. Definite emotinal connection, and yes I either need the Happily Ever After or the promise.

    Now I am not interested in a love triangle, I want the guy and gal exclusively with each other, not sharing. That sort of just turns me off.

      1. Now that I would be alright with. I read one book, I was really liking it, and then close to the end, the guy shares his girl with another, watching the two be intimate, and killed it for me.

  2. I feel that there should be a happy ending. If it is a series there should be hope for a happy ending at the end of a book. I have read a book before that you know is a series & there was no good ending at all it just kind of stopped & left me confused. I of course want & need to read the next book, but I don’t the the feeling it left me with. On the other hand as a writer she did a good job because in the end I will purchase the book. Hope that helps but now I probably just confused you.

    1. Nope, you didn’t. I’m going to do an urban fantasy release on my own later this summer and the first book in the series doesn’t have them together for ever, but promises that their relationship may continue and grow in future books. That’s ok in my book, too, because there is the promise of a happily-ever-after.

  3. There’s nothing sexier to me then an Alpha male who is gentle and romantic in a book, it make the book so much more sensual I find.

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