The Eyes Have It!

Last week we were chatting about what we like in men and there were a lot of similar choices. Nice hands. Bodies strong from work. Eyes.

So today, the eyes have it. These baby blues caught my attention many many years ago. Can you guess who they belong to on today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday?

If you guessed Tom Cruise, you got it right.

But since it is Guilty Pleasure Monday, here’s another shot of gorgeous male! I kind of picture Bill, the hero in THE FIFTH KINGDOM, as a slightly older version of this young man.

Tom Cruise Photo Credit: AlanLight@wikipedia.en

5 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It!”

  1. Yes I knew that was Tom Cruise; even though I am not a fan of his, I recognized him.

  2. I guessed it right. I have always liked Tom Cruise. His personal life has never seeped into his acting. Yep, I continue to this day to see his films. 😎 😎

  3. I guessed it right. I never liked Tom Cruise until he played a vampire. I also loved Antonio Banderes in that movie. I love brown eyes. I did have purple contacts at one time that was fun. Happy Monday!!!!!!!

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