Be Embraced by Blood with Laurie London

Today we’re lucky to have with us today Laurie London who is sharing with us her latest release, EMBRACED BY BLOOD, the second book in the Sweetbloods series.

Laurie grew up near Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Business Administration. After working as a programmer/tester and as an underwriter for a Fortune 500 company, Laurie now writes from her home in the Puget Sound area where she lives with her husband, two children, her faithful dog, and her horse.

Here’s the blurb for EMBRACED BY BLOOD

Deep within the forests of the Pacific Northwest, two vampire coalitions battle for supremacy—Guardian enforcers who safeguard humanity and Darkblood rogues who kill like their ancient ancestors.

Alfonso Serrano is a hunted man. For months he’s managed to elude the Darkbloods, vengeful foes who won’t rest until he’s dead. But he still craves one dangerous temptation: Lily DeGraff, the sexy Guardian agent he’ll risk anything to protect.

Lily is a wanted woman. Her talent for tracking Sweet-a rare blood type that’s addictive to vampires-makes her a prime target for enemy capture. Her only hope is the stealthy vampire operative who stole into her bed…then left her in despair. Danger aside-Lily won’t let Alfonso near her heart again-until an irresistible hunger draws them back together…and into an assassin’s snare.

I had the pleasure of reading this book recently. Just to keep all in order with Big Brother FTC, I was provided an e-copy of the book by the publisher via Netgalley and also, Laurie and I will be appearing together in the upcoming A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS.

I had not read the first book in the series, BONDED BY BLOOD, mainly because I do not usually read books in the genre I write. But I was intrigued by the blurb I read and I was not disappointed. Although I had to catch up a little on the mythology, it was not difficult to understand the conflict between the good and bad vamps (Darkbloods) and I liked exploring this new world.

Alfonso struck me as a reluctant hero at first, but as his past became clear, I understood that this dark hero had a tortured past and I was rooting for him to find happiness.

Lily was strong, determined and kick-ass. All things that I love in a heroine. Together, Lily and Alfonso had wonderful chemistry and it was well-balanced by the doubt they have and the passion.

Laurie is offering up a giveaway today to anyone who comments on the blog. Share your thoughts on EMBRACED BY BLOOD or vampires in general by leaving a comment. One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of EMBRACED BY BLOOD and one set of Sweetblood Trading Cards (U.S. Shipping only).

12 thoughts on “Be Embraced by Blood with Laurie London”

  1. Bonded by Blood was a fabulous book! I loved Hidden as well even though Dom was being a real jerk for most of his scenes. I really want to win Embraced by Blood! I can’t wait to see how Lily and Alfonso are together!

  2. I am so glad to come across this. I have been updated my calendar on the website as I had lost my other main calendar due to computer failure and had come across The Lost. Embraced by Blood looks great. I have an obsession with Vampires. Love the Genre. Come by Pimpin’ Reads for a visit. I will put this on my calendar also. Thanks so much for the giveaway. 😉

  3. I love Bonded by Blood and Hidden by Blood and cannot wait to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Laurie, I can not wait to read Embraced by Blood. I am a big fan of the current batch of vampire books. I enjoy how every author puts their own personal spin on their vamps. Thank you for the interview and for the chance to win your book and trading cards. Keep up the good work and many blessings on these books and those you write in the future.
    Hugs & Loves

  5. Hi Laurie and Caridad (feeling any better yet?). Gotta Love those Vamps!!! I have soooo wanted to read these books but haven’t been able to yet. I would luuuuvvvv to win a copy. Thanks for stopping by Laurie!

  6. Oh I want, I really really want this book! I have gotten hooked on this series from the first book! I truly enjoyed the way her story unfolded in the first one and also enjoyed the short story she has that goes with this series! Can I say I want!!! 😀
    Wishing you well!

  7. I love vampires and this book sounds really good 🙂 I am gonna have to add it to my TBR list. Thanks for the blog post!

  8. There are certain authors who bring freshness back to vampires that make them interesting again. Usually when I feel that they are too over used there comes an author that blows the thought right out the water.

  9. Wow sounds like an awesome book. I do like vampires, right now I’m about one who is also a cat shifter(very odd that part) but I find some are hit and miss with me. Not sure why. This one sounds awesome!

    And I’m loving the trading cards!!! I just got a box full I won at Brenda’s auction and so I’m eager to get more. 😈

    Great review too!!!

  10. I love anything to do with vampires. This book sounds great & I can’t wait to read the christmas book. I love the look of your trading cards. Thanks for stopping by her blog I love to meet new authors & love Caridad’s suggestions. Rachel—

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