Fun Friday – The Wrong Kind of Love

So sorry, but we were moving the site to another server and lost today’s blog post.

So here is a little taste of it while I try to recreate the rest. This is definitely, the wrong kind of love. Two birds of a different feather you might say.

5 thoughts on “Fun Friday – The Wrong Kind of Love”

  1. I am so glad to see your site. I did’nt know what I was going to do without my blog fix for the day. Have a great weekend—Rachel

  2. I hope you get thing straightened out 🙂


  3. Hey honey! I am finally back… at least I think I am. Slow and steady wins the race… or at least I win my blog back, lol!! I just wanted to pop in to see how things were going for you!?!?! Miss ya honey! Hope all is well!

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