Thursday 13 – Favorite Jersey Shore Things

I love the summer and being to drive down to the Jersey Shore and enjoy being outdoors.

So this morning’s Thursday 13 is a list of my favorite Jersey Shore Things! Feel free to add your some of your favorite things about the Jersey Shore or about the summer!

1. Strolling along the boardwalk and checking out the sights.
2. Checking out street fairs, flea markets and art festivals.
3. 4th of July parades and fireworks.
4. Memorial Day parades and services to honor our military.
5. Sitting on the beach and reading.
6. Fishing! I have got to break out that fishing pole.
7. Exploring the various towns and seeing their unique styles.
8. Long bike rides along Ocean Avenue.
9. Surfer dudes. They are so sexy.
10. Eating ice cream at Day’s in Ocean Grove or Kohr’s frozen custard along the boardwalk.
11. $10.00 lobster specials! Yum, love lobster.
12. Shopping at the outlets.
13. Lucy the Elephant!

Hope you’re having a good summer so far! Feel free to share your favorite things with us today!

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16 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Favorite Jersey Shore Things”

  1. Just read the excerpt from The Lost and found it intriguing. Love the Jersey Shore. The salt water taffy is one of my favorite things.

  2. Wow…sounds fascinating. I live on the other coast (and was thrilled to meet you at the RT conference) but confess that I don’t get out to the beach much. You make me want to come to your side of the country and explore! Good luck on the new series…it sounds delicious, can’t wait to read it!

  3. Hey there! Wow, that all sounds so wonderful. This summer has been very different than most. Due to the heat we have all been inside, not doing the things that we would normally do this time of year. All that aside, we have fantastic festivals, state fairs and outside concerts. We also have wonderful walking trails. One of the best things about summer though, is no winter weather (although this is going too far!). Have a good one!

  4. It has been over 12 years since I was last at the Jersey Shore… or any beach really… every summer we used to take trips to Wildwood… miss the boardwalk and the annoying tram cars…

  5. I personally love sitting on the Manasquan side of the Boardwalk @ Pt. Pelasant and watching the parade of boats coming through the inlet.

  6. I love going to the botanical gardens with my family. We bring footballs golf clubs & bubbles & picnic out on the grounds. I live near the falls also & that is always alot of fun. Your list sound like a good time.

  7. I love going barefoot and gardening. I grew up on a peninsula but live in the mountains now and miss the OCEAN!

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