Guilty Pleasure Monday – Cole Hamels

I think you guys know I so love baseball and although I’m a long suffering Mets fan, you’ve got to appreciate good players, and hotness, even if it’s on the opposing team.

So today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is Cole Hamels, the 2008 National League Championship Series and World Series MVP. Cole posted a 4-0 record over the two series and helped the Phillies win the 2008 World Series.

Go Phillies! Yep, when I’m not rooting for the Mets, I root for the National League East team and lately they seem to always be in first.

I’m also thinking of offering you guys a baseball romance that I had written for Kensington, but which didn’t get published because the line for which I was writing folded. What do you think of that idea? Would you like a story about a sexy rookie player and an older female trainer? I’d love to hear from you about that.

Also, the winner of the Summer Giveaway Hop is Anne R. Anne, please send me your postal address so I can ship your LOST T-shirt and a copy of STRONGER THAN SIN.

For night owls, come play with me tonight at Linda Mooney’s Other World of Romance Blog Talk Radio where we’ll be talking about THE LOST. You can click here for the station!

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6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Cole Hamels”

  1. …The 2010 NLCS was a best-of-seven game series that pitted the winners of the and against each other for the National League Championship. The series the 41st in league history began on October 16 and ended on October 23. .San Francisco wins the series 4 2….Game.Date.Score.Location.Time.Attendance…1.October 16.San Francisco Giants 4 Philadelphia Phillies 3.

  2. Yes he is nice eye candy!

    And yes I would read a romance between a younger player and older woman.

  3. Oh, and for the record. I’m a huge sports fan, and my agent has my sports romance out there now! (Not baseball, hockey) I would totally read a baseball story. Love those jocks.

  4. My sister is the baseball fan… everything yankees… growing up I remember going to the firehouse with my father and everyone asking everyone if you were a yankee or mets fans… at the time I liked the mets… nowadays a book with a baseball player is more my style! 😉

  5. Cole Hamels is yummy! As far as the baseball book – speaking for myself..yeah I would buy it:)

  6. High five, Mets’ fan! Me too, and yes “long-suffering” and “Mets’ fan” seem to go together. But the Phillies, Caridad? I can’t do it.

    That said, Cole Hamels is adorable. I can’t argue with that .

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