Discover THE LOST – Morphic Fields

Do you ever wonder why it is that you can feel if someone is looking at you? Or sense things that are going on beyond your line of sight?

Some people believe that there are fields of energy that extend beyond the space of our bodies and that these fields let us perceive things beyond the physical boundaries of our bodies and the reach of our traditional senses.

Many thanks to Todd, from the wonderful Book Candy Studios who sent me the info on these discussions because he thought they fit in so well with the themes of THE LOST. If you can’t see the video below, you can click on this link to find out more about morphic fields!

Also, don’t forget that I am having the upcoming live video event with Stephanie Chong who will be chatting with me about the sexy paranormal heroes and unique concept in her upcoming release, WHERE DEMONS FEAR TO TREAD. The live event will be on Wednesday, August 24 at 9 pm EST. You can click here to join the live event or use this link:

Do you believe in the possibility of things like morphic fields? Can these be the source of what some call a “sixth sense?”

3 thoughts on “Discover THE LOST – Morphic Fields”

  1. i think that i am a very small and insignificant being in a very large and powerful universe and i would be beyond arrogant to think that i know even a small amount of what is out there.

  2. I liked the video. I always feel like someone is watching me & when I look up the neighbor is watching me. I wish she would’nt do that, but I can’t stop her. I am on chapt. 13 of The Lost. It is really good. I am off to read more now. ——Rachel

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