Inspiration for Heroes

This morning I’m sharing with you a little of the inspiration for the hero in THE CLAIMED, although I won’t spill his name because I don’t want to spoil things for those of you who have not read THE LOST.

When I think of heroes, especially in a series, I try to mix up what they look like so that you guys won’t get bored of the same old same old. Adam was all light and the hero in THE CLAIMED is all darkness. I will tease you a little and just drop a hint that the hero in the third book, tentatively titled THE SHATTERED, is going to be what the British call “a ginger.” LOL!

Translation: red-haired. Strawberry-blondish to be more precise.

Which brings me to a question for you today: What do you like seeing in a hero? Do you like them blond or dark? Tattoos or clean? Lean or big?

Also have some other news today. I am doing a guest blog for my buddy Cynthia Eden who has a new release out titled BOUND IN DARKNESS. Visit at 1 pm Central Standard time and leave a comment for a chance to win a giveaway and to help raise money for a breast cancer charity. For the first 50 comments, I will donate $1 per comment to the charity.

5 thoughts on “Inspiration for Heroes”

  1. funny snarking… muscles aare nice as long as there are cuddle spots. Humour dark or otherwise a must …. hair not important shortsas fun aas long. Big gentle hands are good. I like the whole scares the crap out of people because od whatever but might be misunderstood… scars tattoos ok some are sexy some are ew some are used to hid… same with piercings though some of them sound hot Hot HOT

  2. See, Momoa’s size in Conan is nice to me. Mm, along with the ex wrestler Edge. It’s when they are the size like Triple H and Arnold Swar (can’t spell his name) that it starts to be ick for me.

    Long hair. I love long hair. I find it sexy. Some tattoos, some piercings. The arrogant tilt of the lips. The Snark. Hair it depends. I’m not much of a blonde person (though I am blonde) no I like black hair with blue eyes or a red-head. I have a thing for red hair.

  3. I like my heroes with dark hair long enough to run my fingers thru…or longer, blue or green eyes, chiseled jaw, broad shouldered. He doesn’t have to be a saint, maybe a little bad boy thrown in but where his woman is concerned, he’d die for her! Robin Hood comes to mind here! Great question, Caridad!

  4. You know I never thought I was a tattoo person until I saw some book covers and now I am; but all in all I like them any way I can get them!

  5. I would like a hero to look like the new Conan. I LOVE him. That to me is a MAN. I love the actor because he was on Conan O’Brien & he is funny. A good looking guy with a sense of humor. What a great package.

    Hope to comment at 1:00pm. That is a nice thing you are doing.–Rachel

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