Mishaps & Man Candy

So sorry to have missed you yesterday, but my quiet weekend turned into one without power and with hours of work clearing the assorted branches and tree limbs brought down by an unseasonably early snowfall. Luckily we had little damage, although the Halloween decorations took a major hit. Tree limb came right down and ripped off the scarecrow’s head, smashed the creepy fence and tombstones. Now that the holiday is over, we’ll see what we can salvage.

Amazon Awakening Erotic Paranormal Romance NovellaI didn’t want you to miss our Guilty Pleasures Monday, so here is a belated edition with a little man candy that inspired the hero in Amazon Awakening.

The sexy hero in this erotic paranormal romance novella (yes, you read that – erotic) is Rey Peralta and here’s a little teaser about this December release:

Rey Peralta has been sent to persuade Paola Lopes to return to Brazil and take up her place as Priestess of the Guardians, protectors of the sacred realm hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest. He knows Paola is the one they need to ensure their survival—but he doesn’ t expect the instant blast of desire that sparks between them. Her beauty and power call to him, enticing him to merge with her physically and spiritually; a desire that only increases when they give in to their passion and make love. Can he convince Paola to accept her destiny and stay with her people—and by his side?

4 thoughts on “Mishaps & Man Candy”

  1. Oh your poor decorations! 🙁
    I have not seen snow in years and miss it, but I do not miss the mess and destruction that comes along with it…
    Great man candy! 😉

  2. Husband going out to purchase small chain saw this morning! We only have one tree in our back yard, but our neighbors have five. Thanks, folks.
    BTW, that story sounds hot! Can’t wait to read it.

  3. Hope you get your yard in order. These october storms are a killer. The leaves on the trees make it very heavy on the branches & everything comes crashing down. Believe it or not Buffalo did not get that storm. Just some slight rain. Happy Halloween!

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