Heroes & Heroines & Amazon Awakening

AMAZON AWAKENING Paranormal Erotic RomanceThanks to all of you who have been participating in the AMAZON AWAKENING release party! Woo Hoo! It’s so nice to have you coming to visit.

It’s Guilty Pleasure Monday and I’ve got not one, but two Guilty Pleasures – Benjamin Bratt and Sofia Vergara.

Why these two you might wonder? Well, if I was going to cast Rey Peralta and Paola Lopes from AMAZON AWAKENING, these are the two actors I’d pick to play the leads.

I loved Benjamin in his role as Rey Curtis on LAW AND ORDER and as Sandra Bullock’s partner and romantic interest in MISS CONGENIALITY. He is sooo sexy! I can totally picture him as Rey, guiding Paola through the Amazon rainforest to the Sacred Space he is honor-bound to protect.

As for Sofia Vergara, so beautiful and so funny. I love her in MODERN FAMILY. She is such a hoot. It would be interesting to see if she could play the very serious and complex role of Paola, a woman who has family issues and is not sure if she should take up the mantle left empty by her father’s death and being passed to her by her grandmother’s illness.

Tomorrow I’ll have some pictures for you of what Rey’s luscious bedroom might look like in AMAZON AWAKENING. Take a moment to visit the photo album today. See if you can pick out which bedroom I would choose for Rey and Paola to share and let me know by posting your comment to earn some points.

On Wednesday I’ll be visiting the Romance Book Craze Blog where you can leave some more comments to earn points!

Finally, something very special is happening this Thursday 13. I will have my dear friend and fellow author Melinda Leigh here to talk about her debut bestselling romantic suspense novel, SHE CAN RUN. Melinda will also be offering up the chance to win a KINDLE!

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Benjamin Bratt Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek
Sofia Vergara Photo Credit: Keith Hinkle

7 thoughts on “Heroes & Heroines & Amazon Awakening”

  1. Loved Miss Congeniality!

    Is the plush red chair with the cat pillow Eve’s cat’s? That is a nice chair!

  2. I liked Eve and Roarke’s bedroom . I would love to spend the night there. I can imagine Rey and Paola there. I must say the bathrooms are awesome. I love those tubs.I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the rain forest facts I am not sure I want to visit there though. Christine Feehan uses the rain forest setting in several of her books, so I knew a little about it. I am hoping to be a winner as I have wanted an e-reader for a long time. Hugs.

  3. O.K. Love your choice of characters. I love sofia in Modern Family. I like to see some spice on tv. If I had to choose a room from the Nora Roberts room pictures I would guess you would pick the wrought iron w/drapes. They could tie each other in the curtains & that seems to be the vibe I got from the book. Very Saucy!!—-Rachel

  4. Ohhh. I loved Benjamin in MISS CONGENIALITY as well. That movie just ROCKED! Of course I like just about anything Sandra Bullock is in. LOL

    Have a super day!

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